Bad Review from Jesus Z Moreno

mybkexperienceI was taking our Elder to a Native American wedding that we were both honored to be a part of. We had just started our 3-hour trip and stopped because she was hungry and wanted BK.

I ordered a simple number 4 breakfast meal and we waited at the drive-thru for over 40 minutes! By the time we got the window, the slow-talking worker took the money and handed us the meal, without ever acknowledging the time, much less apologizing for taking so long. This is why I am giving not so good review at MyBKExperience.

I asked him if they were all ok, and if they needed help, to wink twice and I’d call the police in case something was happening inside. He didn’t even smile and simply replied, “we’re okay.”

I didn’t see any large orders being handed out that would explain why we waited so long, just small bags and one drink per vehicle were given to the four cars in front of us. It took so long in that drive-thru, that we were late to the ceremony, and I lost the opportunity to be a part of the wedding as I had promised. It was frustrating and I will never visit that location again.

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