Positive Feedback from John

mybkexperienceBy use to be my favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat. I’m new to VA and this one I have come to about 6 times mostly cash but I use my card as well.

It bothers me in 4 of the 6 times including today in asked to move up and wait for my food because “we’re on a timer and it goes up if you stay here”I often have to move up so they can have the correct numbers that say they served a guest in a set time when

I have waited several times for my food and it’s not always hot and fresh so I have to wait longer because I have to end up getting out of my car. And like I told my wife I would understand better if cars were behind me but it’s just me. So I’ve decided to go to Sonic from now on. Got tired of waiting and it’s just me in line. Please consider this review on MyBKExperience.

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