Review from Ashley

mybkexperienceI went to the Monett Burger King at 5: 45 no one was in the Drive-Thru two people inside and I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for my food. a young woman comes out and tells me that it’s going to be three more minutes on my chicken sandwiches and I said okay great it’s already been 20 minutes.

She walks off without saying anything to me and comes back a few minutes later with my sandwiches but no french fries. By this time I’ve waited 25 minutes now and they can’t even get my order correct. I told the girl where are my French fries she walks off saying nothing to me and goes inside. And this is my first review at MyBKExperience

A few minutes go by and still no french fries so I go inside. She hasn’t even told anybody that she needs my fries. so now it’s up to 30 minutes I’m waiting on my food, they can’t get it correct and nobody said sorry, not one person. In fact, I’m pretty sure they thought it was funny. I asked for a receipt because they didn’t give me a receipt in the first place, so I could let someone know about the terrible service I received.

I said is this the correct receipt so I can take a survey and the guy says I guess, smirks and turns away. I made sure that they knew that their service was pathetic bc clearly they thought it was so funny. The lobby was disgusting, trash all over the tables and floors. Outside looked just as bad. the fries I did receive were old and cold and the burgers are thrown together like crap. Spent $35 I guess just to get treated like garbage and to get terrible food and service. I will never come back to that Burger King again but of course, I’m sure none of the employees care.

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